Health & Fitness Coach

Damon Moschetto

Dedicated to your success

Whenever you’re ready, here are 3 ways I can help…

1. Nutrition Coaching and Mindset program:Get an individualized nutrition program designed personally for you. We will work together to create a plan to ensure optimal results and fit into your current lifestyle. We also work on mindset strategies to help you stay on track and feel great along the way. Work with me weekly with 1/1 check-ins to make sure you progress and stay on track. Adjustments are made to stay one step ahead of any plateaus.2. Nutrition Coaching + Training program:You get all that is included in the NC and mindset program but also an individualized workout program (this is not for beginners). This program comes with specific instructions and video demonstrations to ensure proper form. The program is custom-built with what equipment you have available.3. Performance Coaching:Performance Coaching is our all-inclusive package for personal and professional integration. High achievers know that work/life balance is a myth which is why our performance coaching package encompasses fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and executive/leadership domains to empower individuals to excel and reach the next level.Fitness & Nutrition Coaching is the true path to long-term, sustainable progress. Simply put, nothing in the industry is more effective than partnering with a coach who understands the science of nutrition, physical training, and behavioral change, and is deeply skilled in the Art of Coaching. Program is tracked using a daily to-do list that enables habit tracking, the #1 way to ensure long-term success!.