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3 Simple Hacks to Living Healthy!

I have said this before but when it comes to looking and feeling great, it’s all about how healthy your lifestyle is. This can be a challenge depending on where you are starting. Let’s talk about 3 simple hacks you can implement right away that is simple to do.

Before we get into the simple hacks we need to hit on a key mindset strategy that will make the process of implementation a sure thing.

This mindset strategy starts with “deciding”. You must decide that a healthy lifestyle is something you not only need to do, but MUST do! It has to be a “must” not a “try”. You have been trying to go on a diet or trying to meditate. What happens when you try? Nothing.

So before you read on, you must decide that a healthy lifestyle is a must, not a should.

All right, enough on that let’s get to the meat and talk about these simple hacks to improve your lifestyle immediately.

1. Set a goal to move daily no matter what. This doesn’t have to be a workout but you need to get activity. It could be as simple as walking but you have to move. Using a fit bit to track steps is great way to do this. Another way is to get up and take a 20-minute walk before you do anything. If you workout that day you don’t need to be as concerned as you are getting a workout in but if your not you have to find ways to move especially if you have a desk job.

2. Take 15-30 minutes each night to plan the next day’s nutrition. Nutrition plays arguably, the biggest role in being healthy yet this is last for most people. Make it first! Make it a priority! If you take 15 minute to plan out what you are going to eat you will be able to stay on track as opposed to being too busy and simply making a bad choice.

3. Get up an extra 15 minutes early and start with some mobility work. As we get older or simply spend most of our time sedentary at a desk we end up with jacked up posture, which leads to crappy movement patterns and sometimes pain. There is no reason you can’t find 10-15 minutes to work on some stretching and mobility work. We call this corrective exercise. Many people take this to an extreme, which is unnecessary, but doing it 10-15 minutes per day will keep you moving well and help prevent injuries.

There is nothing magical or even hard about these simple hacks. The key is implementing them. All three of these combined add at the most 45 minutes to your day but the benefits are huge. The interesting thing is that most people look at this as not a “big enough” impact or trivial but they couldn’t be more wrong. My most successful clients do this and other “little” things consistently. They are the ones that get results because they know it’s the little things like these tips that in the long run have a large impact. Are the results immediate? Maybe, maybe not but I guarantee you in the long run they will. Most people are looking for that quick fix. They DON’T work. Do the little things daily and I promise you will see results.

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