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3 Top Fitness Pro’s Share Their Top Secrets for Optimizing Results!

Everyone is looking for the latest and greatest way to look and feel their best. We are marketed to on a daily basis of just how to do that and most of it is a complete joke! Instead of trying to sift through the BS I reached out to a few of the coaches that I know and trust to find see if they would share their secrets with you. These coaches get results on a daily basis with REAL clients. In the trenches making it happen not some keyboard warrior trying to tell you how to do it but they can’t execute if their life depended on it.

Below are the questions I asked for them to elaborate on.

What is your Best tip for being consistent in your workouts?

What is your best tip for eating healthy?

What is one “Hack” you use to stay “healthy”?

Here is our panel of Experts:

Robert DeVito: Robert is an author, speaker and the owner of Innovation Fitness Solutions in New Jersey. To find out more about Robert:

Jamey Floreck: Jamey is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and wellness coach. Find out more here

Tracee Hansen: Tracee is a coach, gym owner and fitness competitor. Connect with Tracee here:

Robert DeVito:

My best tip to remain consistent with anything is to “connect” with your WHY every single day.
I frame this in multiple ways, but, to use my own example – no one is ALWAYS motivated, therefore, we cannot rely on motivation as the sole tactic to accomplish anything. Commitment is another thing all together. Commitment requires you to do things even when you do not feel like it.

Specifically, working out while motivated is pretty easy to do, but, when you are tired, or “busy” or just do not feel like it, justifying skipping a workout can become a habit. I ask people to do 2 things to track workout consistency –

1. Track:

  1.  Workouts completed
  2. Workouts completed when you were not motivated
  3. Missed workouts

This information can be valuable to show where progress can be made. There is not a person that I have met, that at years end wishes they hadn’t worked out more often.

2. Connect:

  1. We lose sight of our goal(s) easily. What once were priorities, now, can be pushed aside and replaced with “instant gratification”.

List your goals:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Outcome based
  • Process Based

By organizing your goals into categories and then seeing them as outcomes, we can begin to understand that by focusing on the process of attaining the goal, the goal itself can be attained. Most of us try to work it the other way, which, mostly, is erroneous.

As an example – An outcome goal might be to lose weight. A process goal might be to learn to eat better. Learning to eat better will lead to weight loss, but, losing weight may not lead to eating better.

1. Write out the reasons WHY achieving these goals is so important to you

  1. For me, my WHY or the reason that I do what I do daily – I have a responsibility
    to be a positive and powerful role model for my two sons – not a perfect role
    model, better, a powerful and positive one.

This includes:

  • What I eat or don’t eat (including treats and how often I eat them)
  • How consistent I am with working out.
  • How I speak to myself (praise and critique)
  • How I speak to their Mother and to them (specifically during disagreements)
  • How I spend (or save) my money and what I spend it on.
  • How I spend my time with them (connected or disconnected)

What is your best tip for eating healthy?

Simplicity. Here are a few things I live by to help stay on track –
I drink at least a gallon of water every day. This fills me up and mentally, by drinking often, it keeps me mindful of what I am doing which helps to avoid mindless eating and snacking.

Cook large – package small. We all need to eat at home more often. We are all also very busy. Planning, shopping, preparation, cooking and cleaning can take a lot of time of performed daily. I buy in bulk and I cook in bulk too. I will make enough food for 10 meals at a time. I eat one, put 3 more servings in the refrigerator and as many more as possible in the freezer (clearly marked) so I severely reduce prep time. In the past, when I do not do this, it becomes too easy to stop for fast food or eat out because I am tired or rushed or any other “reason”.

What is one “Hack” you use to stay “healthy” if any?

I discuss my goals and reasons with people daily. For me, it is no different than showering. I shower daily, so, I need to discuss what I am doing and why I am doing it. This simple act, repeated, keeps me focused. There is no better “hack”.

Jamey Floreck:

My best tip for being consistent with your workouts, is to make working out a part of your daily routine by scheduling into your day, just like you would any other appointment and/or meeting add it onto your calendar and do not cancel on yourself.

My best tip for eating healthy, avoid getting caught up in the diet mentality, focus on eating real, whole, nutrient dense foods and avoid eating packaged and processed foods.

One “hack” I use to stay healthy is setting up non-negotiables for myself that I know will help me feel good and be the best version of myself. For example, eating grain free, moving intentionally every day, drinking 75 oz. of water per day, and an hour of personal time per week, are all non-negotiable for me.

Tracee Hansen:

What is your Best tip for being consistent in your workouts?

1- Be realistic. Setting goals that are not attainable is the first step to failure. For example, if you are not a morning person don’t commit to 5am workouts. Make sure you assess your limitations and set goals around those.

What is your best tip for eating healthy?

2- 80/20. If you are managing your calories and quality of food 80% of the time, the 20% you do not will not kill you. Most people live much more in the 60/40. I hear this a lot; I did well all day and then ate poorly or too much at night. Those days are part of the 20%!! Keep it dialed in for the 80 and enjoy the 20.

What is one “Hack” you use to stay “healthy”?

3- I am die hard supplementer. Even when my workouts and diet I are off, I never miss my multis and other supplements that help keep me healthy. So many people are inconsistent in this and I believe over time it makes such a huge difference!!

There you have it! Simple tips to implement into your lifestyle to get on track to looking and feeling your absolute best! As always if you have any questions or comments please reach out to us.

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