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You Have To Pay Attention!

Where are you at?

How did you get there?

These are simple questions but often ignored for too long making it real hard to course correct.

For example have you all of sudden gained 20-30 pounds compared to where you were in high school or college? This is a simple example of not paying attention and is no different than running up a credit card.

Let’s look at money and how you can compare it to losing/gaining weight. Everyone knows that if you spend more than you make you are going eventually be in big trouble. It can lead to racked up credit card debt or even as bad as filing for bankruptcy.

Gaining weight is not that different than running up or maxing out your credit cards. How does it happen? Lots of reasons. You couldn’t say no to that new TV or that new outfit (more than once).

You justify in your mind that you can pay it off. But low and behold 6 months later you are carrying a big balance on your credit card and where it goes from there really depends on if you make a decision to change.

This is no different with weight loss. You eat what you want when you want, hit happy hour regularly and boom you look up and you have put on 10-15 pounds.

There really isn’t much of a difference between the 2 examples.

It’s a choice. Tony Robbins is famous for saying your destiny is based on your decisions or something like that but I digress…

The simplest way to fix the problem but this word is where most people say NOPE.

Here it is, you have to have the DISCIPLINE to say no to that purchase to say no that desert or happy hour.

We are in a time where saying no is not in style and it can be very difficult.

I will leave you with this.

You can pay now or you can pay later, it’s your choice.

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