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Do Not Listen To It!

It’s always there, that voice telling you

“It’s OK to skip today’s workout”

“It’s OK to eat that junk I earned it”

The voice is always there, it never goes away but it does come less and less if you refuse to listen to it.

I will give you an example. I am traveling for some work I am doing and I just started a new workout program that is very specific and it builds on each week.

After traveling and working when I got to my hotel it could have been very easy to just skip it until tomorrow or justify not doing it.

And let me tell you there was a voice telling me to do exactly that.

So what did I do? I changed and hit the hotel gym. Actually, the first thing I did was decide if I was going to go pay for a day pass at a gym or if the hotel gym would work. I knew I could make the hotel gym work and went and got it done.

Did I have to modify a few things? Sure. But nothing bad enough to throw me off the program.

There are a couple of points here.

Number one is we all get that voice of why we don’t need to follow through on whatever endeavor we are embarking on. It will always be there.

Number two is the way to combat it is take immediate action as soon as the voice starts talking. If I had waited and decided to do some more work and do it later I guarantee I would have skipped it.

This is true in just about anything in life.

We as humans want the path of least resistance.

NOTHING great comes from taking the easy way out ever.

You might feel good in the short term but you are a loser in the long run.

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