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I Wish This Would Change

We hear this all the time, without your health you have nothing, but if we are being honest most people ignore this.

I am not sure why as it’s pretty simple advice. It may have to do with the fact that we have been conditioned to think we can take a pill for just about anything and we will be fine. 

I also think the health and fitness industry has done an atrocious job of this for 30 years. The messages are mixed at best and usually some unrealistic expectation. 

It’s not sexy to talk about maintaining muscle. It is sexy to talk about six pack abs.

It’s not sexy to talk about functional strength for everyday activities. It is sexy to talk about bikini ready training.

The truth is hard to hear or recognize, yet so easy to ignore.

When I work with clients many times the comment is “that’s all?,” they think it needs to be some complicated nutrition and training program to look and feel good.

I focus on the basics or fundamentals. Why? Because it works.

Most people don’t believe it but getting in shape is simple. The hard part is having the discipline to do the little things day in and day out.

Discipline is a scary word to most people because it is looked at from a perspective of not being able to do what you want. It’s short sighted. Discipline allows you to have more freedom in the long run.

Who has more freedom, someone struggling with their weight or someone who maintains their health?

If you were being honest are you doing what needs to be done to be healthy or are you putting it off?

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