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The Never Ending Journey

Self-improvement is a never ending journey.

This is tough as it requires diligence and commitment. It’s much easier to get through the day, get to the couch and watch TV. 

I am not judging, it happens to me all the time. It’s easy to get lost in an awesome show on Netflix. The next thing you know 4 hours are gone and you have got nothing done. 

The key to self-improvement is setting up self-imposed rules to make sure you don’t go off the rails and do nothing or binge TV.

If you are trying to commit to working out, what guideposts have you set up to stay on track?

This could be as simple as putting it on your schedule or working out early to not let anything get in the way. There is no right answer.

We are distracted all day long and these distractions can derail us if we don’t have plans in place to make sure we get done what we need to.

You can’t leave this to chance.  

Whatever you are trying to work on make sure you have a plan in place to make it possible for you to follow through even when things seem to get in the way.

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