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Make Time for This

Time is one of the biggest challenges and excuses I hear as a coach. Not to be unsympathetic but 90% of the time it’s a complete falsehood.

90% of the time if you look at the time you have wasted there would be no excuse not to:

  • Go for a walk
  • Workout
  • Plan your nutrition
  • Read
  • Meditate
  • ETC.

10% of the time life legitimately gets in the way.

The rest of the time is due to lack of planning or commitment.

When you are committed to doing X, you make time for it. You don’t let excuses get in the way.

Being healthy and fit doesn’t happen by accident. It’s not something you can do once in a while and be in great shape.

The simplest way to do this is set a goal and then create and stick to habits that will help you get there.

If it’s weight loss, maybe that means you need to eat less. Find what new habits you will need to do to stick with eating less and commit to making it happen.

It’s not rocket science and you can apply it to just about anything.

If you want to be healthy or successful in anything you can’t run around without a plan or it will be chaos and you will never get where you want to go.

The first step you need to ask is, where do you want to go?

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