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The Future is Now!

That is a weird statement but it is true.

Too many of us are waiting for the perfect time, moment or situation to make our next move.

It’s a lie we tell ourselves to keep from taking the action needed to move our lives forward.

We all do it, I have done it more times than I care to admit.

I think that most times when we put off what we know we should do its fear based. It means we are simply afraid to take action.

Most people disagree and don’t believe they are not taking action because they are afraid. Who wants to admit their scared? 

Let’s take weight loss for example; I can’t tell you the times I have heard I can’t go to the gym until I get in shape. It’s a shockingly dumb statement but it has been said countless times by very smart people. The question is why?

It’s simple when you are scared you will avoid doing what needs to be done regardless of how stupid you sound. 

The person not going to the gym is scared of many things and rightfully so. A gym can be an intimidating place with a huge room of fit people surrounded by potentially dangerous equipment. For the inexperienced person this is a nightmare.

At the same time the person is out of shape and unhappy because of it. The solution is getting in better shape. This person has one of two options.

Option one is find another way to workout such as creating a home gym or going to a private personal training studio.

Option two is facing his/her fear and going to the gym. The key is going to the gym but with a plan as to how it can be successful. That may mean going with a friend who goes to the gym regularly or hiring a personal trainer.

The point is that there are options but action must be taken to overcome the fear which is simply an excuse not to move forward or push it off to the future.

That is why the future is now. When something needs to be improved upon or changed taking immediate action is the antidote to putting off what you know you should do.

This applies to projects, getting a new job, getting out of a bad relationship or getting healthy.

Don’t let fear control your destiny. Take charge and be in control.

Once you do take charge and build momentum everything gets easier.

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