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Lifestyle is the key

Are you happy with where your current trajectory in life is?

Are you healthy?

Are you motivated?

Do you feel like it’s Groundhog Day?

Do you feel stuck?

If any of this resonates, don’t worry, everyone goes through it at some point in life but what is important is how you get out of it. 

How do you move forward with your life?

How do you make the change you need to make?

Where do you start?

What should you do?

The first place to start is with your vision, what is it?

What do you want? This is a post in itself but that is for another day.

Once you have your vision established and what you want it’s time to dig into your habits and lifestyle.

What habits do you need to implement in your life and which ones do you need to replace? 

For example, do you sleep in until the last minute and then run out the door? If so, change it.

Do you skip workouts after work? If so, start working out in the morning.

What I am talking about here is routines and discipline.

In my experience of coaching thousands of clients, the ones who implemented rituals and routines were very successful in reaching whatever goal they wanted.

If you study any top performers in any area of life, they all have some type of rituals and supportive habits.

This is where discipline comes in. It takes discipline to do the little things day in and day out. That is not easy and why most people don’t do it.

Even though these seem trivial in the big picture they are not. 

What you do each and every day matters. If you are just drifting through your day you wake up. Year later and you are in the same spot.

This is why a disciplined lifestyle is the key to long term success. It is what helps you move the needle forward until one day you look back and are amazed at all you have accomplished.

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