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Define What Is Important To You

What is important? 

You need to define this, most people don’t.

Is it money?

Is it family?

Is it health?

Is it your relationships?

You could argue that all of those are important. I think they are but some people have a different set of values that deem what’s important to them and that is the beauty of being human, being free.

For example, some people don’t care about health and treat their bodies like a dumpster fire. As much as that might go 100% against what I believe in, they should be free to do that. I am fine with that as long as those people don’t expect me to pay or take care of them when they have major health issues. 

I think your values will determine what you think is important. Below is a definition of what values are:

a person’s principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life”

Once you determine your values it’s much easier to figure out what is important to you. If health is a top value for you eating right and working out will be something that is part of your lifestyle.

Unfortunately, most people never define these and simply live their lives trying to survive. They work at shitty jobs they hate because they are afraid of going broke while at the same time making bad decisions financially.  It doesn’t make sense on the surface to work someplace you hate because you are afraid of going broke but still making bad financial decisions. Actually, it makes perfect sense because they never decided what was actually important to them. 

Once you take the time to decide what your values are and what’s important to you the decisions you make will move you forward instead of staying stuck or moving backwards.

This may seem trivial but if you do this you will be shocked at not only how you improve but how things that were hard suddenly become easy. 

Values are things such as:

  • Health
  • Financial security
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Fun
  • Safety

There are many more but you get the idea. Sometimes we get hung up on the word values and it’s easier to think about what’s important to you. Typically, what’s important will define your values.

If getting in shape is important to you, you will get up early and go to the gym because that is the only time you have. If getting in shape is not important you won’t. In most cases it’s pretty black and white. 

If your relationship is important to you, you will take the time to work on it or spend quality time with your spouse. 

This seems so simple or trivial yet most people never even stop to give it a second thought how they are living their lives or treating others. When their spouse leaves them and they are in shock, when they look back, they realize it makes sense. The same goes for gaining weight. Some people will wake up one day and notice they have gained 50 pounds and can’t believe it. The reality is they have ignored their weight and health for years and shouldn’t be shocked. 

The last thing I will say on this is, you have to become aware of how your life is going. Most people are living life in a fog and not paying attention to what’s important. Don’t make that mistake.

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