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One Year

Anything in your life that needs to change takes long term effort.

Most people want to do a plan for 4, 6 or 12 weeks and be done with it.

Imagine if you committed to change for a year. What would that look like?

You can pick any area of life such as fat loss, health, finances, personal development, or relationships.

Let’s take fat loss as an example. If you have 20 plus pounds to lose do you really think you can do something for 4-8 weeks and expect to be where you want to be and then go back to your old ways? Sadly many people think so or even worse most people know it’s harder than that and never start at all.

I have worked with clients on their body composition for 6 months to a year several times and the changes they make are nothing short of spectacular.

So what’s my point? The point is they did it for more than 12 weeks. That means they planned their meals, didn’t miss workouts and checked in with me weekly for a year. And they got massive results. I am not suggesting you need to have a coach that long to get long term results but you do need to have some type of accountability with yourself. 

I will use my wife as an example. She has checked in with a coach for a year. She hasn’t missed a workout in a year even while on vacation. She takes pictures every Monday and sends them to her coach and he tells her what she needs to do. She has a specific goal she is working towards but the point is its more than 8 weeks. She is committed to the process and goal. She even told me she will most likely never stop doing this even after her show. Why? It works. Again, not suggesting you need a coach for the rest of your life but their needs to be some type of system to keep you moving forward. 

There is no doubt that commitment takes a tremendous amount of effort but once you get momentum it does get easier but at the same time anything worth doing always takes effort.

When in your life have you accomplished something amazing that took little to no effort? Never is typically the answer.

If you create the right systems and guardrails there is no reason you can’t commit to anything for the long term. You can’t raise kids for 12 weeks and send them on their own. It a long term commitment. Why can’t you treat your health like that? 

Remember you are either growing or dying there is no in between. You are either moving forward or backwards.

For some, the hardest part isn’t committing to something for the long term but refusing to start. If you want to see a positive change in any area of your life you need to start. Take that first step, and then another until you build that momentum to keep going day after day. You will be surprised that if you just “show up” things start to move in your favor.

What could you change in your life if you truly committed to it for more than 6 or 12 weeks?

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