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What is Essentialism?

Do What Is Essential

There was a great book written called “Essentialism- The Disciplined Pursuit of Less” by Greg McKeown. It was one of those books that was super easy to read and forced me to take a look inward at my own life but not in some guilty way.

A quick summary of the basic premise from the book:

  • Definition: Author Greg McKeown says the most fitting definition of essentialism is “less but better.”
  • Basic Value Proposition: “Only once you give yourself the permission to stop trying to do it all, to stop saying yes to everyone, can you make your highest contribution towards the things that really matter.”
  • One Takeaway: “If you take one thing away from this book, I hope you will remember this: whatever decision or challenge or crossroads you face in your life, simply ask yourself, ‘What is essential?’ Eliminate everything else.”

One thing that I really like was this wasn’t one of those books telling you to stop using technology and sell all of your material possessions, that wasn’t the point at all. It was about deciding what is actually important as opposed to just doing more for the sake of more.

Let’s face it we live in a world where we are constantly connected and distracted by marketing telling us we need more stuff and should be doing more. It’s a lie.

Have you ever stopped to take the time to take inventory of how things are going? What you have accomplished? Why you do the things you do, good and bad? Most people never take the time to analyze their life to see how things are really going and where they are headed.

Many times, we keep buying more shit to try and fill the void we are feeling by not facing our fears or deciding what it is we want in life. We avoid the hard conversations or decisions.

I think when you peel back the layers and determine what you want and what is essential you become happier because you spend time on what’s important as opposed to chasing a dopamine hit to keep you happy temporarily. 

If you took the time to decide what it is you want and eliminate everything else how do you think you would feel? I think it would be a game changer.

What does your health look like?

What do your relationships look like?

What about your finances?

Minimalism is popular today but I like essentialism better. Minimalism seems too rigid and restrictive which ultimately turns people off to change. Essentialism forces you to slow down and decide what is important.

I personally think if more people lived off of the basic premise of essentialism life would be better and less stressful. I highly recommend getting the book if you are more interested in this topic.

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