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Try these 3 Non-Negotiable Health Tips to Look and Feel Amazing

What rules do you need to have to be in great shape? There is no right answer to this but I will give you my thoughts. 

#1 You have to have a standard 

What I mean by that is you have to give a shit about your health. Sadly, most people don’t. I am going to be blunt because the state of society is sad. Let me give you an example. I had to give blood at my hematologist’s office. Many of the patients there have cancer and my heart goes out to those people fighting that battle.

The employees/nurses? That is a different story. This is not an exaggeration because I counted to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind. Out of 30 nurses, 15 were severely obese, 10 were overweight and 5 would be considered at an ideal weight. That means 25 out of 30 are in bad shape. 

Read those numbers again, they are tragic. Those people work in the “health field”. 

This is why I believe we have to raise our standards. We used to have them. Being healthy used to be normal. We are getting to the point being in shape is not normal. 

#2 You need to set regular goals for your health to stay motivated

On one hand, you shouldn’t need to do this as staying healthy should be like showering, it’s done daily or you stink.

Having said that, some people get bored easily and the way to stay focused is to have different targets to hit.

There is no right way to do this but I set 8-week programs around muscle gain, fat loss, and maintenance. This way I am always challenging myself in a different way from a training perspective. This also gives my body the necessary breaks it needs. 

Some people will join some type of competition and that is a great way to stay on track. For instance, some people will compete in a spartan race or 5k. Others might play a recreational sport and use the gym to stay in shape for it.

Again, there is no right answer here but setting targets will certainly help keep you on the right path.

#3 You have to figure out your nutrition 

Notice, I said your nutrition meaning everyone is different. 

As a society, this one has really gone off the chain. The garbage people put into their bodies is mind-blowing.

Food fuels your body. I know you have heard that before but people seem to dismiss it.

I know people who only buy organic food for their dogs but they eat at McDonald’s. 

The crazy thing about eating healthy is that if you ate healthy 80% of the time and had your junk only 20% of the time you would be in great shape. People do the exact opposite and wonder why they “can’t lose weight”. 

This one I will admit can be tricky as everyone is different. The easiest place to start is to clean up the quality of food you eat. Next look at the amount.

If you eat healthy foods and the right amount you will be healthy.

This is the one I recommend people get help with as they usually have no clue and will jump from fad to fad never knowing what works. 

There are obviously more strategies and tactics we can talk about when it comes to getting healthy but these 3 are a great place to start for most people.

The last thing I will say is be consistent. 

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