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Damon’s Story

I believe that to “have it all” means more than just fancy houses and lots of money. It means you have robust relationships, financial security but most of all you are heathy and have tons of energy. I will concede that the “ideal” life definition is different for everyone but there are certainly some common principles.

We are at a crossroads, with over 70% of Americans being overweight and the rest of the world is not faring much better. It’s not just about vanity; it’s the health consequences as well. We are slowly killing ourselves as a society. I am here to tell you, it does not have to be this way; there is a better path you can choose. It’s time to turn the tide and become your best! Lead the way rather than sticking with the rest of the sheep and become a statistic.

Ask yourself…
Are you looking and feeling your absolute best?
If not, you are in the right place to find out exactly what it takes to live life to the fullest while looking and feeling fantastic.

I want you to be able to uncover and learn what it takes for you to live your absolute best life. To me that is all centered around leadership, mindset and lifestyle. I want you to be able to implement smart and EFFECTIVE methods to be able to conquer life’s daily challenges. Understand that working at a job you hate and being unhealthy is something you can change. You will understand why a positive mindset has such an impact on your health and wellness, as well as strategies to improve and protect your mind. You will learn why leadership is about more than just being a CEO or coach. You must lead yourself because on some level you always lead others. Lastly, your lifestyle is imperative to putting this all together. 

Life is too short not to look, feel and be your absolute best.

This blog and coaching program is about all things that have to do with: 

Now, if you’re asking yourself, “Who is this guy, and why should I listen to him?” please allow me a few minutes to introduce myself…

Hi, my name is Damon Moschetto.

I have been an athlete my whole life. I was the captain of both my high school’s baseball and basketball teams, and went on to play college baseball, but that was cut short due to injuries. Throughout my life I have broken 10 bones, had 3 surgeries including an ACL reconstruction, as well as numerous sprains, tears, etc. Why am I telling you about all my past injuries? I find that people come to me and think I have always been in shape, never had any setbacks and that staying in shape has always been easy for me. However, tearing my ACL was a huge setback, and the rehab for that injury was the worst ever. I also spent 10 years of my life living out of suitcases and on planes in a career that required constant traveling. Although I was able to stay in pretty good shape, anyone who travels can understand that this is quite a challenge to say the least.
When I was done playing baseball I really had no idea what I was going to do with myself. My whole life had been about playing sports, and to be honest, the whole schoolwork thing was only there so I could play sports. That is when reality set in. Fortunately for me, I got into health and fitness through a local gym. I loved the idea of working with and helping people better themselves, so I went back to school and studied exercise physiology. Over the following years, I developed a thirst to continue learning and went on to pursue numerous certification programs, including my CPT from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Functional Movement Screening Certification, Corrective Exercises Specialist, and many others. I will never stop learning, as we have just scratched the surface as to what works best.
The true driving force behind my motivation is my desire to help people reach their goals. I have owned several fitness companies, and am proud to have worked with over 1000 people on their health and fitness. However after a number of years in the personal training industry, I started to recognize the need for a shift. I was looking for a better way, a way to help more people be successful with their personal training programs.
You see, by this point I had spent over 20 years helping thousands of people reach their weight loss and fitness goals through my personal training programs, but I felt limited to the amount of people I could help. And to tell you the truth, I was getting really bored with traditional methods of personal training.

I wanted a way to be able to reach more people. That is why I expanded my knowledge base into teachings centered on leadership and mindset. Through this Blog and my coaching programs, I now have the ability to influence the masses as opposed to a small number of people.
I am honored that you have stopped by this site and hope in some way this site brings you some value. I love to help people achieve their goals please let me know how I can help. 

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