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Muscle is the key to longevity

To this day when you hear the term “build muscle” a vision of some muscle-bound bodybuilder is what comes to most people’s minds. It’s unfortunate because building muscle is the key to many, many things including longevity. Longevity means different things to each of us but for clarity here is the definition from webster’s dictionary: …

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Fireside Chat 16: What Exercises Should I Avoid?

What exercises should I avoid? This is a controversial question because as usual, it comes down to the individual. There are things you should avoid and someone else shouldn’t. What that means for you in this week’s Fireside Chat.   In this series I answer some of your most common health questions from the comfort of …

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The Espresso Health Show: What Workout Should I do?

All things Workout: What workout should I do? There are unlimited ways you can set up workout plans but how do you know which one is right for you? In today’s episode we cover: Different styles of workouts Goal specific programs Cardio HIIT Strength training HYpertrophy How you should choose your program Much more… Listen on the …

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The Espresso Health Show: Losing your Mojo

Losing your Mojo in health and fitness: It happens to the best of us! Do you ever feel like not working out? Do you feel like eating whatever you want? Are you just not “into” being healthy? You are not alone.  Here’s the good news. In today’s episode, we cover why and how it happens but more importantly how …

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Grow or Die

Are you evolving? Are you growing? Are you getting better at something? I heard this a long time ago and it has stuck with me, “if you’re not growing, you’re dying.” When you think about it, it’s true. There is no middle ground. When we are actively learning or trying to get better at something …

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It still amazes me today with all of the research and top coaches, scientist, nutritionist, etc. out there that the default workout for most people is still cardio. I was traveling recently and was working out in the hotel gym. I was the only one in there at first but soon after an overweight middle …

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