How To Get Healthy and Fit In As Little As 30 Days Even If You’re A Busy Professional!

This works even with a crazy hectic schedule!

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How to solve all your health and fitness challenges in the quickest and easiest fashion

Did you know that most people who try and get in shape fail miserably? It’s true. Some even waste so much time and money they give up all together!

Did you know that only 14% of the US population actually belongs to a gym but only 5% actually go? Why? No results.
Did you know the #1 reason executives have health issues is due to stress?

Did you know 98% of all diets fail? Look it up, it’s true.
If you are a busy executive or professional who has almost given up, you don’t have too.

Here’s the problem you face: as a society we have become so sedentary that people don’t know how to get in shape and stay there. On top of that we are constantly overstressed and have zero time!

On the one hand we see most people doing nothing while the fitness ads are selling crazy boot camp style classes that people try and quit or hurt themselves.

This means that most people will never look and feel good about themselves and much worse have health problems. None of this is good.

The sad reality that is if you don’t make a change you will struggle with being a fat couch potato for the rest of your life and not be able to have fun with your loved ones because you have given up and let yourself go.

Luckily for you there’s a new solution. It’s the busy professional’s answer to looking and feeling great.

Executive health coaching is NOT a cookie cutter approach.

Everyone is different and has different goals, needs, starting point, etc.

When working with me you will:

Learn how to set goals correctly and simply

How to create routines that stick

How to identify bad habits and replace them with good ones

Identify self-limiting beliefs

Create a value system

No longer self-sabotage

And much more!

Tools and strategies included when working with me but not limited to:

An individualized training program

Build lean muscle and strip fat away. You don’t waste your time working out and look amazing!

The Secret Sauce

Coaching calls via phone or video conference

Virtual Training

A custom app with your workout plan with video demonstrations making it simple and easy to follow and execute

Nutrition Planning

A simple nutrition plan that is not complicated or deprivation style but tasty and will give you tons of energy

Mindset Coaching

The Secret key is the getting the “right mindset” which is a major component of any of the coaching programs offered

Why Listen to Me?


25 Years Experience

I have been doing this for over 25 years and have not only made all the mistakes but figured out how to actually do what works.


I have testimonials of real world busy professionals just like you who have completely changed their lives using my methods.

Never Stop Learning!

I never stop learning, growing, and testing to see what is the quickest and most effective way to look and feel awesome!


With my busy schedule and high-pressure job, I know taking care of my health is important but it is the last thing I want to think about. Working with Damon has made it easy for me to live a healthy lifestyle, look good and feel good.

Marci BoothCEO LIHC

After only 1 year with Damon, I was able to shrink down from size 16 clothes to a size 8 (and sometimes even 6!). More importantly, I have changed the way I view food and nutrition and don’t even think about my food choices as dieting. Damon's attention, not only to each client but also to all of the important emerging research in nutrition and exercise physiology provides everyone who works with them a clear plan for success.

Erin DuffyHead Master Seacrest High School

Being a business owner and living with the hectic schedule that I have, it’s critical for me to always perform at my peak condition. The top-notch programming that Damon offers has been instrumental not only by helping me achieve great strides in my body composition and strength but also in maintaining my overall health and success within my career.

Louis ScandaleEntrepreneur

After working with Damon for just 6 months I'm already seeing muscle definition and can tell I am much stronger. He's also great about giving gentle nudges to improve my daily routine whether thats getting up earlier or reaching for healthier snacks.

Chloe WalkerOwner of Walker Moschetto Media

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